Andres Luts

Risk Manager - EstateGuru

My education path at the University of Tartu was concentrated on finance and modelling as these topics interest me the most. Studying with high motivation and ethical standards built the foundation for my professional career.
In the beginning of my Master’s studies I started working in a small private research company and my main task was the fundamental analysis of Eastern Europe listed companies. This experience gave me the initial writing and analysis skills of investment reports. Working environment was start-up like and I also had the opportunity to be part of everyday development of the company (interviewing of potential workers, design of valuation reports, generation of ideas etc.).
Multitasking, independency and pursuit of efficiency were the main keywords in Nordea Bank. Working environment was challenging with limited time and data as main inputs for financial modelling. Transparent analysis skills and target oriented view helped me to be a strong partner for senior relationship managers and credit committees.
Described aspects with my exceptional theoretical background and history as a financial analyst followed me to Coop Pank. Working at a senior level position helped me to lead many important projects (including credit risk policy, financial recovery plan).
Among other tasks at EstateGuru I am responsible for building credit scoring models of our borrowers. This is a unique and creative experience – similar model building hasn’t been previously implemented on crowdfunding data in our current markets.

About EstateGuru

EstateGuru is the leading Pan-European marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans for SMEs.

We are building a new ecosystem of property finance and wealth management, and are working closely with thousands of investors of different profiles, including banks, fintechs and proptechs, to merge the EU property finance market and make it more efficient and transparent.

This will build communities and enable small and medium-sized companies to access capital faster and without the hassle and binding borders. Investors get access to geographically diversified, professionally underwritten, and property-backed fixed-income investment products at the click of a button.

EstateGuru has more than 32 000 investors from 106 countries and the total money lent to date is more than €150m.