Dan Gildoni

CEO & Co-Founder - Placense

Dan Gildoni is the co-founder and CEO of proptech start-up Placense. A tech-savvy entrepreneur at heart, Dan has had years of experience leading a diverse range of online businesses that brought him into proptech.

He was previously a venture developer at innogy’s Innovation Hub, guiding promising start-ups on their business models. His advice came with a track record that included heading up an online luxury business, founding an automated video service and becoming CEO of a world-leading B2B marketplace for the diamond industry.

Having dived into the world of proptech, Dan speaks passionately about data and privacy, about finding solutions to harnessing consumer data and creating unrivaled insights into their behavior while protecting their individual privacy. He’s determined to prove you can get the best of both worlds.

Dan lives in Israel with his wife Liat and their three children. When he isn’t solving challenges around privacy and data, he volunteers as a paramedic and considers himself an „executive foodie“.