Ivan Nokhrin

Digital-First Real Estate Advisor - Wiredhut

„Property investors focus more on digital-first real estate investment strategies, because technology solutions bundled into a value chain can deliver substantial upside in value and performance of the underlying assets.“

Digital real estate entrepreneur with over 15 years in investment advisory and financial engineering with professional track record in large asset management and investment companies. An active community member in the global property technology network of professionals with geographic focus on the Nordics, Germany, and Russia. Currently working on digital-first real estate initiative, blending technology solutions with traditional real estate investment approach in order to deliver upside in value and asset performance.
Founder of Wiredhut, a digital real estate advisory firm with a global network of advisors.
Co-founder of BuiltAPI, a marketplace for real estate technology APIs and ontologies.
Co-foudner of Exquance, a technology company automating financial modelling and property valuation.
Co-founder of PropTech Russia, a national proptech initiative and accelerator.