James Dearsley

Co-Founder at Unissu

„We are at a pivotal stage in the real estate industry. Digital Transformation is impacting all sectors and an understanding of its impact is needed. Yes, you can get this digitally but it is more important to meet those that are the ones influencing the change and speak to them, in person. Discussions prompt learning. Learning prompts change. Join me at PropTech Vienna to speak to all of those who will help you“

James is recognised as one of the leading thought leaders on the future of the real estate market. He has been voted the most influential person in PropTech and been shortlisted by the Press Awards as ‘best commentator on the property market’. His role as the co-founder of Unissu, the global leader of PropTech data, information and resources, means he has an unrivalled perspective on global PropTech trends. He is also fortunate to be a popular keynote speaker and moderator at global property and PropTech conferences. Given James’ experience of the market he is often used to give delegates a broad perspective on the history of real estate innovation with lively audience interaction and debate. However, sometimes he is asked to branch out and explain his futuristic perspective on how the industry will evolve and advance. All of James’ efforts are with the ultimate aim of connecting both traditional real estate players with those looking to innovate, the PropTech entrepreneurs. Together, James believes, everyone can benefit.