Stefan Zanetti

CEO & Founder - Allthings Technologies AG

„While Proptech was something completely new to the industry three years ago, now it has arrived and almost every real estate company got in touch with some proptech companies. Now is also the time where the proptech solutions have to show which real business value they create – and further than that: how they all interact amongst them and with other systems, in order to not end up in a pile of unintegrated siloed solutions“

Stefan is fascinated by the development of completely new things and services, preferably from the ground up. During school he built hot-air zeppelins and re-programmed calculating machines, later in life he started to build companies. In 2013 he founded Allthings, his third ETH spin-off, following Synesix and Careware. With Allthings, a one-stop platform for real estate owners and portfolio holders to equip their buildings with digital services for a better life and work in buildings, he combined his enthusiasm for customer interaction design, risk and sustainability management with his passion for new technologies and software.